Quick Wizdom for Unique Makers

Setting Your Business up for Success!

January 24, 2022 Cheryl Mitchell aka Miss Doyle Season 1 Episode 2
Quick Wizdom for Unique Makers
Setting Your Business up for Success!
Show Notes Transcript

In this episode, I am chatting about five main things you need to do to set your Indie Maker business up for success! 

Today I am chatting about Setting your business up for success!  

First I wanted to thank y’all for listening. You can also check out my YouTube Channel and the video version of this podcast The Unique Makers! And my Wisdomy Wednesdays on my YouTube Channel Miss Doyle’s Soapery/Making with Miss Doyle.  

Today is 5 things that will set you up for success. 

1.        Really know whom you are selling to. Who is your target market? Who is the key person that will buy your products?

2.        You are not Walmart! I say this with an exclamation. We as creatives like to make everything. That doesn’t mean you have to sell everything.  Yes, we are all guilty of it. That doesn't mean we have to sell everything.

3.        Make the most of your investment. Grow your knowledge by taking courses that will help your business grow. Understand where your money is going in your business. Know your numbers. 

4.        Great Segway from knowing your numbers is pricing for profit. You are not a nonprofit. y'all You need to make money. You want to start out as profitable as possible. 

5.         And lastly is, make sure you dig out a niche for your business. In an ocean full of indie products you need to stand out. YES Stand above the rest. Find just a handful of niche products to offer.